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Heart and Soul Doula


My name is Rachel Soumekh and I am a certified Birth Doula with DONA and a trained childbirth educator with ICEA


Accompanying women through labor and birth is an honored privilege and an experience I absolutely treasure. Being able to lift her spirits, hold her hand, and provide support and guidance is tremendously rewarding. Of course, the ultimate blessing is embracing and welcoming a new soul into the world.


I have always been fascinated by pregnancy and birth as far back as I can remember. At the age of seven, I was involved with my older sister's experience of pregnancy and labor.


Becoming a Doula

Being a part of such a miracle of nature and offering my love and care has stayed with me until today. Over the past twenty years, many friends have asked me to support them through their labor and birth. I've been told that they wanted me at their side because I bring with me a sense of calm and confidence. They feel secure because they are in loving, caring hands.


These experiences motivated me to become a professional Doula and I have been certified by DONA International (Doulas of North America) in 2008 and also became a trained childbirth educator with ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association).  To date, I have accompanied and supported over one hundred and twenty women through labor and birth.


For me, pregnancy, labor, and birth are of a spiritual and physical nature. I have spent the past twenty years of my life studying and teaching spirituality, with the emphasis on personal growth and transformation. As a result, I see the rewards of combining these teachings with my doula service.


I have been married to my soul mate Michael for the past twenty-one years and we have been blessed with four beautiful daughters. As a mother, I have an intrinsic understanding of the precious and wondrous journey you are embarking on. Being pregnant and giving birth has been the most cherished experience of my life.

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