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Heart and Soul Doula


To have my OBGYN and his nursing staff comment that they were in awe of Rachel and the "spiritual birth" that she facilitated is a huge testament to the unique gifts that Rachel possesses. Both literally and figuratively, Rachel held my hand as I learned so much about who I am, what I am capable of, and what my body is designed to do. I feel truly blessed to have been guided throughout my pregnancy and delivery by her.     -Eira Schwyzer



Rachel was an integral part my wonderful pregnancy and birthing experience. I tell my friends that she was our "little birthing angel".  Her knowledge, energy, experience and the sound of her voice would be a support to any woman, whether it be her first pregnancy or fifth. Thank you Rachel... I look forward to doing it again someday :)      -Tiffany Olson



Rachel's warmth, care and guidance throughout my 36 hour labor made my birthing experience an incredible one. I could not and would not have done it without her. She kept me calm and focused and it was so comforting to have her by my side especially because she's so experienced. God willing she'll be at my next birth.     -Michelle Galoob



Rachel Soumekh was my doula for both of my children. She was an amazing prescence both times.  She walked with me, lead me in spiritual meditations, and so much more. Rachel has the ability to know just what say to help guide you along in every moment. I really can't imagine a birth without Rachel Soumekh! Thank you so much Rachel.     -Rochelle Turgeman



Rachel was an amazing doula! She understood the special circumstances of my delivery, without judgement.  With the biggest heart, love and compassion she was there for us the whole time I was in labor.  I would recommend her as an amazing doula!     -Maria Mahboubi  



I believe every woman should have Rachel Soumekh as her doula. I have been blessed to have her at two births. From the moment my labor began her calm voice popped me out of my pain and helped me focus on the amazing miracle I was about to encounter. She truly has a gift. She understood and knew it was important for me to have my babies natural and vaginally. With pressure from the hospital staff including the doctors to break the bag, induce, c-section—having her gave me a voice when I couldn't think, gave me the strength and endurance I needed to have the birth I wished for. She was totally present at every moment of my needs. She showed me unconditional care and has the patience for long hours of labor. Her soft touch on my face and skin was like natural medicine and it took my pain away. What I admire most was her consciousness and meditations that without I could not have succeeded in alone or with just my husband. She is the Master Doula! So much so that if I lived in another country I would pay to fly her to my aid.     -Veronica Ciko



 Hi my name is Chris and I want to recommend Rachel to anyone who is preparing for the birth of their child. I am a man and not only did Rachel bring great relief and comfort to my wife, she brought it to me. I am someone who wants to know all the facts and possibilities before making any decision. During the birthing process there are many surprise issues that arise in which you must make fast decisions in areas neither my wife nor I am an expert.
I am a lawyer and always paying huge fees for experts to help me make the right decision. She was our expert. While doctors are there to help, they don't always present the facts and options in an unbiased way. Rachel was able to help us understand drugs or procedures they were recommending. Having Rachel there to share her experience and expertise was invaluable. I give her the highest recommendation and even want to provide my phone number if you want to call and ask me any questions.    - Chris Ciko 310-426-0202



Rachel was a wonderful plus loving presence – I enjoyed working with her very much.- Monica Lundry, RN MSN Cedars Sinai Hospital


Rachel was and excellent help in the patience labor care!Grisela I, RN Cedars Sinai Hospital


Excellent balance of supporting family's wishes and meeting hospital providers' needs to monitor patient. Gentle, calm and pleasant presence. Come back soon!Susan Huser, CNM Cedars Sinai Hospital


Rachel is an excellent Doula. I welcome her at all my deliveries.- Dr. Zoya Preys, M.D Cedars Sinai Hospital

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