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Heart and Soul Doula

What You Can Expect From Me

The miracle of birth is unlike any other experience in life.  After your labor, the most exquisite gift awaits you.


As a doula, I will be at your side, along with your partner and care provider, for continuous support during your labor and birth.


I am a DONA Internationally certified Birth Doula, and a trained childbirth educator with ICEA and believe that I have had the best education and training available and offer you a strong sense of professionalism, integrity and care.


I specialize in offering my services in the west side of Los Angeles and would love to support you on you pregnancy, labor and birth process.

Pre-Natal Visits

Because hiring a doula is an important decision to make, I feel it is necessary to have two preliminary meetings.


During our first meeting, we will establish your hopes and expectations about labor, childbirth and parenting.  


Our second meeting will be focused on developing a Birth Plan.  This plan will delineate your choices over aspects of your care so you will have an ideal labor and delivery experience.   


Your plan will cover things like comfort measures, staying at home as long as possible while having contractions, inducement, and freedom of movement during contractions.


This plan needs to be reviewed and agreed to by your doctor and/or your midwife or caregiver.

Labor and Birthing

My goal is to contribute to creating a positive environment for you and your partner so that your labor and the welcoming of your new baby to the world will be harmonious and stress free.


Once your contractions begin, you will contact me as soon as you feel you would like me to be at you side.  I will come to wherever you are, whether it be your home, birthing center, or hospital. 


I will cater my care to your needs.  I will guide you on how to breathe and relax, encouraging and reassuring you that giving birth is a natural process. I can massage you, make you comfortable, and guide you through meditation and hypno-birthing techniques. I will care for and support you and your partner in whatever capacity you need.


If you request, I can update the rest of your family on your progress and express your needs to them. 

After the Birth of Your Baby

I will stay with you until you and your baby are comfortable. If you like, I can guide you on how to breastfeed your baby.


After you are home, I will be available for any guidance or advice you may need on how to care for yourself and your baby.


After two weeks have passed since the birth, I will visit you to see how you are doing and to exchange experiences of your birth.


My fee is $1800 All Inclusive.

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